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Warranty and return


All Spotle and Spotle Vision machines have been manufactured by the rules of CEE-approval. This also means, that a guarantee of one (1) year after date of invoice will be a standard warranty for manufactoring failures. The total description of this guarantee can be read in our general terms of delivery, part 9 and 10.In case of request of warranty all goods concerning this warranty must be sent free to our address. As soon as we will have checked up on your request, we will let you know our findings about it.


A complaint,possibly caused by unknown facts at that moment,must be stated in writing to our address. Within one or two (1-2) days we have to check on this matter and will inform you as soon as possible.

Returning articles

Over the years the number of returns,that we received have not been much,but if you want to return an article,please,let us know in writing.As Spotle.nl will be responsible for the reason, for which you did return,we usually will solve this by: sending a new article, make a repair,or we will send a refund (within 30 days). In case of shipment costs of freight will not be charged. In all other matters,costs made for solving this matter,must be charged to the sender.


We have to draw your attention to the fact,that Spotle airtools which will be over 8 (eight) years of age should not be repaired anymore,because of the expected amount for repairing this tool,being higher than 50 % of the present sellingprices. All serialnumbers of machines, that have left our stockrooms, have been registered by Spotle.nl, so their will be no doubt about the age of the checked machine.

For each repair there must be charged a minimum amount of Euro 25,- (USD 34,-),without freight and V.A.T. If we make out an offer for an expected repair, which will not be ordered, there must be a charge of Euro 50,- (USD 65,-)for our efforts, being done for this inspection and for returning the airtool to your address by regular shipment.

If you might decide to buy a new airtool with Spotle.nl,at time of repair, all costs stated and made for starting-up this repair have to be cancelled, and the new airtool will be sent from our stockrooms free your address by regular way of shipping.

Short delivery,damage, missing of shipped parcels

Although we trust our shipmentagents usually do their job properly, there might be some problem, occured by different reasons. We kindly ask you to inform us in writing about this. Certainly we will try to investigate and solve this matter as soon as we can and inform you properly, as we have received the information from third parties.