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Sanding belts

Sanding belts

Spotle is a large supplier of sanding belts for its air sanding tools and also supplies its sanding belts for other makes airtools. All sandingbelts supplied are also suited for stainless steel and have a blue color and a grain 60. The sanding belt 330 x 10 mm (13"x 0,39 ")  is in stock (packed 25 pcs)  and sanding belts 520 x 20 mm (20,5 "x 0,79")  are in stock too (packed 25 pcs). Be sure, that you do buy the right dimension and grain and do not use inferior quality for your Spotle or other airtools. A large stockroom with sanding belts for good prices is offered. We already sell thousands of sanding belts every year.  

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Application and product information sanding belts

Sanding belts are available in many different qualities and dimensions. Spotle has a high quality and will only supply sanding belts for metalworking within the industry and for the carbody-workshop. The Spotle sanding belts can also being used for the sanding of Stainless Steel. Our beltdimensions are 10 x 330 mm (0,39" x 13 ") and 20 x 520 mm ( 0,79" x 20,5 ") with a grain 60. Many different makes will have used these belts. Good and steady quality, stockdelivery and good pricing are always guaranteed. Try us and you will be convinced !