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Sawing blades

Sawing blades

For metalworking usually bi-metal sawing blades must be used, because they hardly ever break and might be turned sometimes without breaking. Spotle has a range of high quality sawing blades for 0,8 mm metalsheets (32 TPI) and for 1,0 mm metalsheets (24 TPI). Air driven sawing machines of Spotle and Spotle Vision are using sawing blades with a flat end. For a W and S air sawing machine (S.I.G.) you will need a sawing blade with a pointed small end. Both kinds of sawing blades can be delivered and they usually have the same price. Never use a sawing blade longer than 4". Spotle has a good quality and usually interesting pricing.


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Application and product information sawing blades

A good and well-operating sawing machine always will be needing a high quality sawing blade, that does not break or does not get a twisted point. Spotle has the right bi-metal sawing blades in 32 TPI (for metalsheets up to 0,8 mm, 0,03 ") and 24 TPI ( for metalsheets up to 1,0 mm, 0,039" ), that will not break or twist. For many makes and for Spotle and for Spotle Vision sawing machines you will need a sawing blade with a right angle. Good pricing, a steady quality and stockdelivery are important for Spotle. Try us and you be convinced !