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Air belt sanders

Air Belt Sanders

Spotle.com features a various range of air belt sanders with two (2) different beltsizes.  A Spotle heavy duty belt sander (beltwidth 0,79 ")  Typ MB-25 (NEW) and a small Spotle regular duty beltsander MB-10 S (beltwidth 0,39 ").   We also offer a well-known fingersander Typ FS-30 for small special jobs.  Over the years (35 years) Spotle gained quite a lot of experience with engineering and manufacturing of air belt sanders. We assure, that buying a Spotle, will be a good extension of your workmanship. Many users in several countries,  all over the world, do know, that a good final jobresult will always be a guarantee with your Spotle! Good pricing and stockdelivery will complete your purchasedeal.

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Application and product information Air belt sanders

The Spotle air belt sanders MB-25 (NEW) and the MB-10 S (beltwidth 0,39 ") will be used for finishing of f.e.welded spots at metalsheetparts a.s.o. in the industry and in several (carbody)workshops. At small spots, where you will have to do some sanding (f.e. finishing at small spots and working on small cars),a Spotle air belt sander MB-10 S will be of good help. A Spotle fingersander FS-30 is usuallly bought for finishing edges, and for sanding of small long parts of wood, metal and plaster. A special application of the FS-30 is the finshing of frontfendertops of the Porsche types 911 and 912. All kinds of sandingpaper can be custom made and used. A rather quiet solution for special finishingjobs. The new Spotle air belt sander MB-25 has been especially developped for heavy duty applications and has a beltwidth of 20 mm (0,79 ") Just buy you a Spotle and you will have bought a high quality airtool ! Good pricing and stockdelivery are offered.