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Air Drills

Air drills

Spotle Vision airdrills are different, because of the high performance with a high rpm and have a good torque for many heavy duty jobs. These air drills have already been used by many workshops in the industry and within carbody-workshops. The SBM 420 air drill has been designed by Spotle Vision for use and turning f.e. with a cleaning disc of 3 M of 6" or smaller in order to remove rusty particles from metalsheets. As these cleaning discs are not cheap and break easily, you will need a rpm of 4200. When using lower speeds the disc will break and smash. Spotle Vision drills have many applications, have good pricing and have a stockdelivery. Try us !      

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Application and product information Air drills

In many workshops within the industry and in many car-bodyworkshops air drills will be used daily. Though there are many executions, Spotle Vision has a good excepted quality, good pricing and the best performance you can be buying for your money. Stockdelivery is for Spotle always very important and many customers are satisfied with our machines. Try us and you will be convinced !