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Pneumatic belt sanders

Pneumatic belt sanders

For metalworking pneumatic belt sanders will often been used in every metalworkshop. Spotle has been manufacturing pneumatic belt sanders for over 25 years, and knows what will be needed by the carbodyman. Also in many industrial workshops a pneumatic belt sander will be used. For the small activities at spots, that cannot be reached easily, Spotle has a small pneumatic belt sander MB-10 S with a beltwidth of 10 mm ( 0,39 ") . For heavy duty sandingwork Spotle has a pneumatic belt sander MB-25 (NEW), which has a beltwidth of 20 mm (0,79 ").  Pneumatic belt sanders operated with Spotle sanding belts, blue G 60, also suited for stainless steel, will together be realizing a good job. Stockdelivery and good pricing are availble for you.       

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Application and product information pneumatic belt sanders

Pneumatic belt sanders are available in many executions. Spotle has a productrange that will suit you. A new Spotle MB-25 with a beltwidth of 20 mm (0,79 ") for heavy duty sandingjobs in the industrial workshop for f.e. metalworking or for an application in a carbody-repairshop. For lighter duties Spotle has a small pneumatic beltsander MB-10 S (beltwidth 0,39 ") for many sanding activities at small spots and when working on small cars, where you will not have much space left for sanding. Good and fast stockdelivery and good pricing are offered. Try us !