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Pneumatic drills

Pneumatic drills

Spotle has a long period of manufacturing pneumatic drilling machines with there own name Spotle Vision. These pneumatic drills are sold all over the world and are very popular in the industry and in  Carbodyworkshops. A high performance and good quality are guaranteed for each drill.The SBM 010 can be used in many workshops and is multipurpose and has more power, because of the high rpm.The SBM 420 is often used for driving a ( f.e.3 M)  cleaning disc of f.e.150 mm or smaller, because a rpm of 4200 will be needed for removing rusty spots with a long lasting disc, that does not break. Try a Spotle Vision and you will be convinced !

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Application and product information Pneumatic drills

Spotle Vision pneumatic drills will be used in many workshops within the industry and in carbody-workshops. Spotle Vision has the right air tools, that you might want and is absolutely different because of the excellent torque. The combination of speed and torque makes the difference here. Good pricing and stockdelivery are offered.