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Pneumatic saws

Pneumatic saws

Spotle features its high performance, heavy duty pneumatic compass saws. Do not miss this quality equipment! Many different users have been using the Spotle pneumatic saws for years. We offer a complete productline: there is a short stroke, high speed Spotle pneumatic saw AF-7 S (Speed Saw) and there is a long stroke, Spotle air saw machine AF-10 S. Both saw machines are well-suited for cutting metalsheetparts up to 5 mm. When upset might happen,while cutting, the Spotle compass sawing machine will not jam and will start sawing again after this upset, usually without any damage to this compass sawing machine. For additional sawing there is a Spotle Vision compass sawing machine ZSV-03,  available at low costs,  that will be used for many other work, like cutting synthetic parts or metal sheets.Try us !! Already many shops did !

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Application and product information Pneumatic saws

Spotle pneumatic saws will operate for a very long time and will have hardly any breakdowns, if oiled regularly. The Spotle compass sawing machines will be used in: Carrestorations, plastic industry, shipbuilding industry, automotive body-rebuilders, many carbodyworkshops. For small applications of a pneumatic saw machine, we have a low priced Spotle Vision air saw machine ZSV-04 available. Already many workshops have this ZSV-04 in use. Buy your Spotle air saw machine now, and you will be able to complete your good workmanship now!