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Spot weld cutters

Spot Weld Cutters

Already for over many years Spotle has made a famous Spot Weld Cutter, often used in many Autobody-workshops. Over more than 50.000 users, all over the world, have bought a Spotle Spot Weld Cutter. Spotle has the Cutter TH-902 with the yellow skin, (successor of the well-known T-575 with the red skin) and Spotle Vision sells a low cost Spot Weld Cutter PSV-03. Spotle.com has a large stockroom and will always deliver from stock.  As many users do know,  Spotle.com has a wide range of spareparts and accessories available when operating a Spotle combined with your excellent workship. Buying with Spotle.com will assure you a good and reliable deal.Try us !!

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Application and product information Spot weld cutters

In general cars basicly do have a base-carframe with a number of (car)metalsheetparts spotwelded together on this frame, thus completing the carbody. In order to keep the damaged carbody in original condition, the damaged carparts need to be removed with a Spot Weld Cutter, without damaging the present metalconstruction of the car and make sure there will be rustprevention before spotwelding the new original carpart. Now this new carpart can be spotwelded.

Nowadays cars need to be repaired up to manufacturers standards, in order to keep up with the present quality and warranty-requirements. The warranty-period of each carmake will be different and the right period must be checked, as warranty-periods and repairinstructions might have been changed over the years. A car will be safe again, after being repaired by good workmanship and when a good rustprevention has been realised (again).

The Spotle Spot Weld Cutters TH-902 and the PSV-03 can be used for all kinds of carmetalsheets. For over 40 years of experience, when manufacturing these airtools, we know how to get a good result, using our Spot Weld Cutters. The well-known Spotle TH-902 of Japanese made will be of good help to get a car in good shape after a cardamage and will for sure meet all your requirements.

After drilling with one of these Spot Weld Cutters, the damaged carbodypart can be taken away easily. Changing of a drillbit will not be necessary, as this TH-902 has a rather low rotationspeed and saves you the time of bitchanging, as this drillbit will stay sharp for a long period. So you always can go on with your present carbodyjob. Also the noiselevel will be low.

For low budgets we have a Spot Weld Cutter Spotle Vision PSV-03 available, which can replace other makes, as the length of the drillbit is 45 mm, like these others. Just buy these airtools TH-902 or the PSV-03 and you will be able to add your good workmanship to each carbodyjob.