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Spot weld drills

Spot weld drills

Spot Weld Cutters, also called Spot Weld drills have been manufactured by Spotle for over 40 years. A well-known air tool, that already has been sold to over 50.000 users worldwide. Spotle has the TH-902 Spot Weld drill available as the successor of the Spotle T-575. At low cost Spotle Vision has a the Spot Weld drill PSV-03 in stock especially chosen as an additional second Spot Weld drill or for those shops, that will not need to drill daily and will not invest much. Spotle is the right company to do your business with for your carworkshop or industrial workshop (also used for metalworking on trainbodies or bodies of a streetcar) Stockdelivery and good pricing are available. Try us !!   

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Application and product information Spot weld drills

The Spotle Spot Weld drillTH-902 has a rather low rotationspeed, so bitchanging is not necessary very often, as the used drillbit ( 0,31 " x 1,57 ") will stay sharp for a long period. New drillbits will not have to be purchased and drilling can be done without interruptions of your bodyjob. Thus time- and moneysaving! For low budgets we feature a Spotle Vision drill (Spot Weld Cutter) Typ PSV-03, replacing many other makes, as best offer, with the same drillbit 8 x 45 mm ( 0,31 "x 1,77") used by many other makes, like Blue Point a.s.o. Just make your choice and buy one of these spot weld drills TH-902 or PSV-03! Both drills are fully worth the money !!